Technology companies are increasingly seeking
 to drive more predictable revenue streams from
 recurring-revenue business models. We’re witnessing 
a period of unprecedented innovation in how these companies go to market – the race to offer “Anything-as-a-Service” (XaaS) is in full swing. Whether it’s SaaS subscriptions, equipment leasing, or milestone-based consulting engagements, more technology firms are offering more ways to buy products and services than ever before.

With the shift to recurring revenue streams come significant challenges for the many parts of the organization. Recurring-revenue models usually require more frequent and deeper touchpoints with customers – from customer service to sales to finance and accounting – which translates into greater product complexity with more innovation in offerings and bundles. Sales needs the ability to configure orders and contractual terms and conditions to specific customer requirements. Finance and accounting teams must contend with a much higher volume of transactions and increasingly complex pricing models than before. Is your finance team up to the challenges?


  • Nonstandard SaaS contracts with renewals and extensions
  • Customer-initiated amendments to consulting engagements
  • Complex pricing models for different tiers of software and hardware
  • Flexible billing terms you need to win sales
  • Exponentially greater volumes of transactions
  • Billing errors leading to customer dissatisfaction
  • Revenue leakage

RecVue’s monetization platform has the sophistication to help you automatically manage millions of complex transactions associated with the recurring revenue business models that are the heart of successful tech businesses. Only RecVue offers a complete solution:

Product and Pricing Catalog

Use configurable, pre-defined pricing models and standard or custom billing cycles.

Contracts and Order Management

Eliminate the paper and PDFs and get complete visibility and control.

Usage and Data Mediation

Capture usage data from any source (sensors, machines, files, and more) and translate it into standard billing to reduce leakage.

Multi-Attribute Rating and Pricing

Model pricing or rating structures – even those with a high degree of complexity and conditional formulas – to determine the billable amount. Then, optimize revenue based on real-time analyses of your pricing strategies.

Billing and Invoicing

Scale from one-time charges to basic subscriptions to complex usage models with pre-validated bill runs and tailored invoices.

Revenue Recognition and Compliance

RecVue supports the ASC606/IFRS15 and ASC842 frameworks, to keep your business GAAP-compliant.


Forecast your billing and revenue recognition with RecVue reporting, giving you a 360 degree view into your business.