Transportation Services

From car and truck rentals to airport terminal services to long-haul trucking, when it comes to billing and revenue recognition, transportation firms face unique challenges. Complex chains of partners and representatives are leading to business models that are transforming how they conduct business, calculate costs, issue invoices, and recognize revenue.


  • How much revenue must be accounted, and how much gets billed?
  • What type of rental location?
  • Is the vehicle owned or leased?
  • How do you handle the variable usage components such as hours, miles, or fuel consumption?
  • How do you handle agency/referral commissions?
  • Can you accommodate IoT sensors for long-haul trucking that provide safety and consumption data that can be monetized

Airport Terminal Services

  • Do you have complex tiered pricing structures with minimums?
  • Can you bill efficiently for the different services you offer such as cleaning, refueling, and deicing?
  • Do you have rigid contracts and complex calculations for fees?
  • Is there a risk of revenue leakage?
  • GAAP-compliant revenue recognition?

To make it all happen, your finance team needs a complete platform that supplements their skills and resources to manage revenue challenges and achieve GAAP compliance. That’s where RecVue shines. Our enterprise-class monetization platform has the sophistication to help you automatically manage complex transportation billing and invoicing – all in one single, holistic view.

Accelerate the Billing Cycle

You can’t afford invoicing delays that lengthen days sales outstanding (DSO). It’s essential to generate invoices quickly and accurately.

Tap into Smart Flexibility

Different leasing and transportation transactions create different billing scenarios and prices. You might charge by the day or by the mile. There might be variances based on rental locations or the day of the week, late charges, commissions, discounts, and more. RecVue handles all the complexities of transportation billing, invoicing, and revenue.

Eliminate Excel Headaches

Instead of maintaining and consolidating dozens or hundreds of external spreadsheets for different business units, RecVue lets you handle all complex calculations within its own platform

Integrate with External Systems

RecVue ties into your other systems – including IoT sensors – to auto-populate your calculations and eliminate error-prone, time-consuming manual data entry.

Improve Productivity

RecVue enables your finance team to accelerate period closes, reduce DSO/DRO, and increase your revenue.

Optimize Revenue and Pricing

Create real-time analyses of your pricing strategies or develop new business models to optimize revenue.

Increase Billing and Invoice Accuracy

Scale from one-time bills to complex usage/consumption models. RecVue provides pre-validated bill runs, tailored invoices, and accurate fund withdrawals.

Revenue Recognition

Maintain GAAP compliance and automate revenue calculations.


RecVue gives you 360-degree view with easy-to-use self-service reporting and analysis.

Third Party Payments

RecVue calculates and automates payments to third party vendors, such as commissions or revenue sharing, giving you a complete view.