RecVue delivers the only B2B Monetization platform powered by Big Data.

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  • $30B

    Revenue Under Management

  • 5B

    Transactions Under Management

Globally, enterprises that sell business-to-business are shifting to business models based upon recurring revenue to enable more predictable and consistent revenue streams and to contend with competitive pressures and disruption. This business model demands continuous adjustment to product and service offerings – including frequent changes to pricing and contracts – and the ability to capture and manage much higher volumes of transactions than was previously required.

The Solution

RecVue’s platform powered by Big Data includes data mediation tuned to support high volumes of transactions, a 360 view into the entire contract lifecycle, attribute-based pricing, complete billing-to-invoice capabilities, partner management, and robust analytics and reporting.

The platform manages:

  • Configurable bundles
  • Complex pricing models
  • Non-standard contracts
  • Compliance with ASC606, ASC842, and IFRS15

Brings Together Teams/ Stakeholders for Improved ROI

RecVue’s B2B monetization solution delivers the agility, flexibility, and scalability to support complex, high-volume recurring revenue business models, while maintaining the financial rigor for reporting and compliance. Global companies have adopted RecVue to reduce the time to market, optimize revenue, and boost customer satisfaction making it a critical financial platform for their businesses. RecVue customers have cut the bill-to-invoice cycle by up to 61% and streamlined Days Receivable Outstanding by more than 25%.

RecVue is the only B2B industrial-grade monetization solution on the market built for today’s complex business practices and that includes a big data platform at its core to manage millions of transactions and a very high degree of complexity.

Pricing & Product Catalog

Agility to Adapt

A flexible product catalog and dynamic pricing engine work in tandem to model any configuration, service, term and price.

Contracts & Order Management

Complete Visibility, Complete Control

An end-to-end profile of each contract through its entire lifecycle means you never miss a renewal, price adjustment, or amendment.

Revenue & Compliance

Eliminate Complexity, Reduce Errors

An integrated billing and revenue management system provides a single source of truth.

Usage & Data Mediation

Reduce Leakage, Increase Accuracy

Advanced data mediation automatically collects customer usage and eliminates revenue leakage.

Billing & Invoicing

Agile Billing

Scale effortlessly from one-time charges to simple subscriptions to any usage-based model, regardless of complexity.

Multi-Attribute Rating & Pricing

Endless Flexibility, Predictive Insight

Create pricing and rating models based on unlimited attributes and compare different models before you go to market.

Third Party Management

Optimize Revenue, Manage Obligations

Expand opportunities for revenue by including products and services from partners and other third parties.

Analytics & Insight

Harness The Value In Your Data

Gain real-time, actionable insight into millions of transactions.